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The New York - Paris Founders Event

Paris Founders Event has grown up over the past two years, from a monthly meetup for founders & entrepreneurs in a bar, to a 1,000 person quarterly event that launches new products & makes announcements on stage, and that talks with founders who are making headlines on stage.


For this edition, we’re partnering with the city of Paris, who recently announced a partnership with New York City that will see the two tech hubs cooperating in sending local startups to each others’ cities to encourage international expansion. New York City & Paris are already as close to each other as London & Paris – it is the US office location of choice for most French startups, and capital is flowing freely back and forth between the two hubs.


This Fall Edition counted 600+ founders, investors, journalists, tech enthusiasts and facilitators who gathered in the magical rooms of the City Hall to discuss entrepreneurship, examine internationalization strategies and discover France’s latest startup sensations.

Among the 600+ startups the five Hungarian startups had their own desk and rollups - thanks to the Hungarian Embassy  - and were able to build connections with important players of the great city’s movers and shakers.
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